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Rail Devolution: Sadiq Khan ‘abdicating responsibility as Mayor’

In throwing his toys out of the pram and refusing to co-operate with the government, Sadiq Khan has ruined any chance we as a city had of taking control of mainline rail in London. Instead of seeking to address concerns the government had over his ability to take on these services, he has thrown a […]

The Mayor resorts to mud-slinging rather than addressing the T-Charge facts

Sadiq Khan appears to be blindly ignoring the facts put in front of him by his own researchers at TfL. Under assessment by his own people, the Mayor’s flagship air pollution policy is predicted to have only a ‘negligible’ impact on air quality, reducing poisonous NOx gasses by just 1-3%. Unfortunately for Londoners, rather than […]

Mayor’s ‘reckless’ TfL budget will bring many more tube strikes

Sadiq Khan’s ‘Zero Strikes’ election pledge has always been considered laughable, but the disruption caused by these upcoming strikes will be no joke. His recklessly tight budget will most likely lead to many more strikes over his term. How he thought he could keep his ‘Zero Strikes’ promise while cutting the TfL budget to shreds […]

Night Czar Amy Lamé ‘must appear before scrutiny committee’

Shaun Bailey AM has written to Economy Committee chair Fiona Twycross urging Ms Lamé’s attendance at the group’s next meeting. He writes: “The role of Night Czar has the potential to be transformational for London, and therefore it is fundamentally important that the first person to hold that role has the chance to explain to […]

Sadiq’s ‘Zero Strikes’ pledge was incredibly naïve

From day one Sadiq’s ‘zero days of public transport strikes’ pledge has seemed incredibly naïve, and today a mere 6 months into his 4 years it is starting to fall apart. The Mayor thought he could just give into every union demand and avoid strike, but what he underestimated was their greed. The Mayor should […]

Response to the resignation of Sir Bernard Hogan Howe

At the last Police and Crime Committee, the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime said that she had full confidence in Sir Bernard. What has changed in less than a week? It has been clear for some time that Sadiq Khan would push out Sir Bernard, not because he has a better option lined up […]

An open letter to the Evening Standard

Dear Editor, On behalf of the below members of the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee I would like to express our disappointment in your lead story of Tuesday 13 September, headlined “Police do target black people on streets”. Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa has expressed his deep concern about the way this story was reported. […]

LIP funding preservation is welcome news

I’m delighted that the Mayor has this morning given a commitment to preserve vital LIP funding for local authorities in London. Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funding is money given by TfL to London’s boroughs to spend on local projects that support the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. It is a vital source of funding that the previous […]

Appalled At Mayor’s Intervention On Police Use Of Spit Hoods

It is appalling that the Mayor has chosen to interfere with police operational matters and block the use of spit hoods. Has he forgotten he is no longer representing those who make claims against the police but in fact representing the police themselves? The decision to use these hoods would have been taken as a […]

Andrew Boff

100 Days of broken promises from Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan has spent 100 days in reverse gear, running away from his campaign promises at a breathtaking rate He promised in his campaign that Londoners wouldn’t pay another cent for their travel in London by freezing fares, and that has not happened. Only single fares will be frozen leaving Travelcard and daily cap users […]