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Protecting London’s Position As A World City: Creating The First “Virtual Hub Airport”

Riots Report

Evidence for the Riots Communities and Victims Panel London Assembly Conservative Members

Equestrian Events in Greenwich Park

This was a campaign proposed in 2009 by Gareth Bacon to encourage LOCOG and the Mayor not to have London 2012 Olympic Equestrian Events in Greenwich Park. Though the campaign was in the end unsuccessful Gareth Bacon represented the local disent against using the park.

Gypsy Travellers in London

This campaign led by Tony Arbour was designed to repeal policy 3.9 of the 2010 London Plan, which provided accommodation for Gypsy Travellers in London. The Campaign successfully removed this policy from the London Plan.

Crowded Houses

Overcrowding in London Social Rented Housing

Not Forgotten

A review of London’s war memorials