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Cutting Congestion: The Case for Car Clubs

There is a need to make more efficient use of existing road space in London. This reports advocates the expansion of the
membership, usage and availability of car clubs in London. We offer a
range of ways the Mayor could achieve this goal.


SmartCop urges the Met to spend £15k to develop a smartphone app which can track the location of victims via GPS in an emergency, receive photographic and video evidence, and has a real-time chat function.

Sporting Chance

‘Sporting Chance’ has found that two-thirds of the Capital’s 1.5m disabled people cannot access sport, despite the Mayor of London’s £22.5m investment in sport.

Time Critical

London’s firefighters responding to medical emergencies, such as heart attacks, would speed up attendance to 4,294 patients per year, according to a new report.

Burrowing for Success

A US-style infrastructure trust, which shares investment risk between the private and public sectors, would speed up construction in London and help plug the £130bn funding gap, according to a new report.


Police response to racial abuse and death threats online is leaving victims unsatisfied. A new report is calling for a national strategic unit to tackle the growing cases of online hate crime in England and Wales.

Free Ride

A new report “Free Ride” authored by Andrew Boff, Leader of the GLA Conservative Group, calls for the scrapping of free nominee travel passes for TfL staff, investing in providing that money in free travel for firefighters.


More than 38 rape incidents are going unreported every day in London. A new report calls on the Capital’s high street banks to update their ATM technology so victims can report serious sexual offences discreetly on cash machines.

Capital Investment

Social impact bonds should fund under-resourced government programmes – revolutionising public services and saving taxpayers billions in cash

Southern Powerhouse

London and the South East should join forces to build one of the world’s largest economies and lead Britain’s future growth, according to a new report by GLA Conservative Andrew Boff.