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3K empty garages identified in London: Convert them into affordable studios and workshops for start-ups

New report urges initial London pilot of 300 garages, with eventual UK-wide roll out Converting some of London’s 3,275 identified empty garages into basic studios, workshops and offices could provide the Capital’s start-ups with affordable space and opportunity to grow. A new report, ‘From Lock Up to Start Up’, urges housing associations to transform disused […]

CCTV not recovered in over 100K crimes including murders, rapes and stabbings

‘Digital map of existing private surveillance cameras¹ could help police solve crimes overnight’ Police are not looking at available CCTV footage for the majority of their investigations in London. New FOI figures² reveal that police are recovering existing footage in just a fifth of crimes in the Capital.Officers retrieved CCTV for just 23,278 crimes, compared […]

“Since when has a £46K starting salary and 43 days of holiday a year not been enough for tube drivers?”

In response to today’s announcement of Boxing Day strikes being avoided as tube bosses agree to a £350 bonus for tube drivers, Conservative London Assembly Member Richard Tracey said: “TfL should not be in a position where they feel they have no choice but to pay a bung of £280K of fare payer and taxpayer […]

Call for Mayor to bring Piccadilly Line to Turnham Green Station

New report calls for TfL to institute change by January 2014 to satisfy 6 million footfall A new report “All Aboard at Turnham Green” has called on the Mayor and Transport for London to include Turnham Green as a stop on the Piccadilly Line from January 2014. Turnham Green has an annual footfall of 6 […]

Rapists and paedophiles lost in London whilst on supervision

‘With 159 serious sex offenders wanted or missing in London alone¹, how many crooks have been ‘lost’ across the UK?’ 63 serious sex offenders have gone completely missing in London, whilst on supervision. Under “Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements” (MAPPA)², the national probation service, HM prison service and the Met are responsible for managing serious sexual […]

One person killed or seriously injured by London’s buses every day

“Publish worst performing bus companies and routes quarterly” Shocking figures reveal 1,889 people have been killed or seriously injured in an accident involving a London bus in the last five years¹. In a new report ‘Clear Road Ahead: Bus collisions and the need for transparency’, GLA Conservatives transport spokesman, Richard Tracey, is urging transport bosses […]

“Overcrowding test” vital for new housing in London

An overcrowding test must be applied to new housing developments in London, says Conservative London Assembly Member Andrew Boff. Under the proposed changes, ‘overcrowding’ should become a key factor when planning decisions are made, and developers should specifically demonstrate how their new housing projects will address overcrowding in London.

Private companies can foot the bill for free 4G, TV screens, lifts and toilets for tube passengers

Examples of sponsorship providing drinking fountains, video screens and mobile phone connectivity · Industry experts back the huge benefits tube sponsorship can bring to passenger journeys · Feasibility study casts serious doubt over TfL’s spurious “£4M cost” to rename one tube station Private companies sponsoring the tube can overhaul the tube system for London’s commuters […]

Authorities blind to the hidden crime of human trafficking in the Capital

Just 36 of London’s 389 human trafficking cases have been identified by the Met this year Under-threat Met police human trafficking unit is ‘vital’ to clamp down on London’s hidden slavery cases Investigations could pay for themselves from recuperated proceeds of crime through specialist teams There have been 1,057 potential victims of human trafficking* identified […]

Almost 200 court cases in London dropped or delayed every week because of prosecution failings

  9,560 cases thrown out or delayed in London due to failings by prosecution or court system Dropped and delayed cases estimated to cost taxpayer £17.4M nationally   23K (23,237) cases in London’s Crown and Magistrates courts were dropped or delayed in 2012. Failings by the prosecution and court system were to blame for four […]