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Cutting Congestion: The Case for Car Clubs

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Promote Boris Bike-style scheme for car clubs to reduce London congestion, says new report

  • Keith Prince AM calls on Mayor to make car club spaces compulsory in new builds
  • More spaces would allow A-to-B journeys and could reduce congestion
  • Report also proposes scrappage scheme offering drivers car club vouchers
  • Proposal could take upwards of 7,650 cars off the road per year


The Mayor of London should make the inclusion of car club spaces compulsory on new developments to help move towards a Boris Bike-style system of A-to-B journeys, according to a new report.

‘Cutting Congestion: The Case for Car Clubs’, by Keith Prince AM, suggests increased numbers of spaces would make car clubs more attractive to drivers and could cut congestion on London’s roads and improve air quality.

Currently, a lack of available spaces means the vast majority of car clubs operate on a policy which means the driver must return the car back to the point it was collected.

The report cites evidence showing that every car club car in existence takes 13.4 vehicles off the road and claims the travel method could be the answer to reducing the number of cars in the capital.

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Read GLA Conservatives Response to the Mayor’s Draft London Plan

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Writing a response to The Mayor’s Draft London Plan, Andrew Boff AM highlights concerns around family homes, overcrowding, parking, small sites policy and industrial land. Download below:

London Plan Response – GLA Conservatives


Londoners’ Lives Matter

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Stop and search shake-up should spearhead overhaul of knife crime strategy in London

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– Just 15 per cent of stop and searches currently target knife crime, compared with 60 per cent for drugs
– Report author Shaun Bailey wants greater focus on knives

A refocusing of stop and search on finding knives instead of drugs should spearhead a complete overhaul of knife crime strategy in London, according to a comprehensive new report.

‘Londoners’ Lives Matter’, by London Assembly member Shaun Bailey, points to figures showing just 15 per cent of stop and searches are currently motivated by a search for blades, with 60 per cent related to drugs.

The report also points out that young black males are ten times more likely to be stopped and searched for drugs than young white males, despite black males statistically being half as likely to use drugs.

Mr Bailey wants to see police refocus their efforts away from petty drug offences and to carry out more knife searches on individuals – an approach he believes communities historically opposed to stop and search want to see.

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