Night Czar Amy Lamé ‘must appear before scrutiny committee’

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ShaunShaun Bailey AM has written to Economy Committee chair Fiona Twycross urging Ms Lamé’s attendance at the group’s next meeting. He writes:

“The role of Night Czar has the potential to be transformational for London, and therefore it is fundamentally important that the first person to hold that role has the chance to explain to the London Assembly her ‘plans’ at the earliest opportunity.

“This will also give Ms Lamé a chance to address members’ concerns and prove to us that she will be capable of representing all Londoners.”

Assembly Member Bailey’s letter comes a day after Sadiq Khan defended the appointment of Ms Lamé, despite being heavily criticised over her offensive Twitter profile and her being paid through a public services company, which critics say minimises her income tax.

Speaking about his request, Assembly Member Bailey said: “The Mayor made it clear that Ms Lamé holds an influential and important role that will shape the night time economy in London.

“It is only right that she must be brought before the committee to outline her plans and face scrutiny in the same way her fellow senior aides do.”

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