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Smart Move

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Build more bungalows to free up family homes in London

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Mayor should seize on huge demand for attractive downsizing options

The Mayor of London should encourage a bungalow building boom to provide better downsizing options and free up family homes across the capital, according to a new report.

‘Smart Move’, by London Assembly member Andrew Boff, found 30 per cent of people consider a bungalow to be their ideal home, yet they make up just two percent of new housing stock and are on average 11 percent more expensive than other similar sized properties.

The report found that a lack of attractive downsizing options, outside of typical retirement flats, means many older people stay put unnecessarily in large homes.

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Night Czar: City Hall says Amy Lamé ‘was approached’ for job despite offensive Twitter feed

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– Oversight Committee to investigate her appointment TOMORROW
– Comes days after Mayor defended her over offensive tweets

Controversial new Night Czar Amy Lamé was approached to apply for the job despite her offensive Twitter feed, City Hall officials have revealed.

A spokesman told LBC that ‘on balance it was decided that her previous social media should not count against her’.

The Mayor was last week forced to defend his decision to appoint Lamé over her offensive online profile that included references to ‘Tory scum’ and criticised David Cameron for using his ‘dead son as a pawn’.

The revelation comes 24 hours before her appointment is set to be scrutinised by the London Assembly’s Oversight Committee.

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Statement on Mayor’s official confirmation of his TfL ‘fares freeze’

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– Signing-off of plans spells uncertainty for transport network

Conservative London Assembly member Keith Prince said:

“So the Mayor’s ‘fares freeze’ is now official – ‘officially’ leaving TfL with a £640million black hole in its budget, ‘officially’ slashing investment in London’s transport network and ‘officially’ providing no benefit whatsoever to hundreds of thousands of travelcard holders who do not qualify.

“Sadiq Khan has so far been unable to provide any answers as to how he intends to cover the cost of this vain gesture, making his pledge meaningless.

“Some Londoners may well avoid a small increase in their travel costs in the short term, but in the long term all of us will pay for this disastrous policy.”

Night Czar Amy Lamé ‘must appear before scrutiny committee’

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ShaunShaun Bailey AM has written to Economy Committee chair Fiona Twycross urging Ms Lamé’s attendance at the group’s next meeting. He writes:

“The role of Night Czar has the potential to be transformational for London, and therefore it is fundamentally important that the first person to hold that role has the chance to explain to the London Assembly her ‘plans’ at the earliest opportunity.

“This will also give Ms Lamé a chance to address members’ concerns and prove to us that she will be capable of representing all Londoners.”

Assembly Member Bailey’s letter comes a day after Sadiq Khan defended the appointment of Ms Lamé, despite being heavily criticised over her offensive Twitter profile and her being paid through a public services company, which critics say minimises her income tax.

Speaking about his request, Assembly Member Bailey said: “The Mayor made it clear that Ms Lamé holds an influential and important role that will shape the night time economy in London.

“It is only right that she must be brought before the committee to outline her plans and face scrutiny in the same way her fellow senior aides do.”

Mayor backs ‘Twitter troll’ Night Czar despite offensive tweets and bizarre tax arrangements

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– Sadiq Khan admits he ‘would not endorse or condone’ Amy Lamé posts
– Refuses to be criticised on third-party payment

The Mayor of London has reiterated his backing for controversial Night Czar Amy Lamé despite her ‘gratuitously offensive’ tweets and questionable tax affairs.

At Mayor’s Question Time, Sadiq Khan admitted he ‘would not endorse or condone’ many of her most offensive online comments but insisted her appointment was the right one.

He also refused to accept criticism for the fact Lamé is being paid through her personal services company, which last year paid no income tax.

London Assembly Member Gareth Bacon said:

“By continuing to back Amy Lamé as his Night Czar, Sadiq Khan is endorsing her gratuitously offensive online profile and questionable tax arrangements.

“The Mayor has previously sacked an aide for similarly offensive tweets, yet he seems willing to apply double standards to someone who coincidentally fundraised and campaigned for him in the run-up to the election.

“Paying Ms Lamé through her private company raises further questions and leaves a sour taste for the taxpayer.

“The upcoming investigation will further examine the process of her appointment and I hope we get some better answers than the Mayor was able to provide today.”

Tube strikes: London faces Groundhog Day unless the Mayor intervenes

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– Binding arbitration the best solution, says London Assembly member

Responding to the announcement by the RMT that its members voted in favour of strike action on the tube in the run up to Christmas, Conservative London Assembly member Keith Prince said:

“Once again London is being cynically held to ransom by the unions at a time designed to inflict the highest possible damage. How much longer before we say enough is enough?

“The Mayor needs to prevent another tube strike Groundhog Day by backing plans for binding pendulum arbitration, forcing both sides to act as reasonably as possible during negotiations and preventing strikes.

“Londoners do not deserve to be used as pawns in petty industrial disputes. Mayor has a duty to intervene.”

Sadiq Khan has ‘failed Londoners’ in his first six months

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– Mayor risking capital’s future with disastrous policies, Assembly Member warns

Sadiq Khan has failed Londoners with a series of disastrous policies and broken promises in his first six months in office, according to a London Assembly member.

Gareth Bacon AM says the Mayor needs to properly explain why he has ditched key election pledges on affordable homes targets, zero public transport strikes and the planting of two million trees.

He also claims the cost of Mayoral decisions, including freezing fares, the selling of TfL land at below market value and the introduction of a Hopper bus fare, could top £760million, seriously risking investment in the capital.

This Saturday (November 5) marks six months in charge for Sadiq Khan, and Assembly Member Bacon wants the Mayor to reassess some of his ‘damaging’ decisions and policies.

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