100 Days of broken promises from Sadiq Khan

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Sadiq Khan has spent 100 days in reverse gear, running away from his campaign promises at a breathtaking rate

He promised in his campaign that Londoners wouldn’t pay another cent for their travel in London by freezing fares, and that has not happened. Only single fares will be frozen leaving Travelcard and daily cap users paying more every year.

He promised 80,000 home built a year, and now he says that was an aspiration.

He promised 50% affordable housing requirement on new developments. He couldn’t achieve this, again called it an aspiration, and has watered down the policy into a 35% fixed rate on new private developments.

He promised a big local policing model and talked about 1 sergeant, 2 constables and 3 PCSO’s, and he’s halved that to 2 constables and 1 PCSO.

Sadiq Khan’s first hundred days have been a farce with every announced policy a shell of its former manifesto glory.

The Mayor will need to start making new pledges quickly or he will soon run out of manifesto promises to break.

-Andrew Boff, Londonwide Assembly Member

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