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Crowdfunding Transport

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Crowdfunding could kick-start stalled TfL projects

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Public contributions could top up transport provider’s budget

Transport for London should consider using crowdfunding to help finance infrastructure projects like new bus or tram routes, says a new report by Keith Prince AM.

Crowdfunding Transport shows projects have stalled because they are at a benefit to cost ratio just short of making them financially feasible.

TfL could replicate the success of online crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter or Gofundme to top up its finances and take these projects over the line, says Assembly Member Prince.

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Calls for tolerance in London after Referendum result

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Hate crimes against migrants ‘unacceptable’

The Conservative group leader on the London Assembly has condemned racist attacks in the wake of the EU Referendum result and called for greater tolerance.

Since the decision to leave the EU was announced, there have been reports of a spike in hate crime across the UK, with two high-profile incidents in the capital.

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Housing Zones review leaves future uncertain

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Sadiq’s plans risk thousands of new homes and jobs

The Mayor of London has announced a full review of Boris Johnson’s Housing Zones policy, potentially delaying the building of thousands of new homes.

Sadiq Khan told Assembly Members this morning he would spend up to six months reviewing London’s 31 housing zones, created by his predecessor to provide 77,000 new homes and 150,000 new jobs.

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Khan breaks flagship fare freeze promise

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Just four weeks after the election the Mayor’s flagship policy has been thrown out of the window. By raising Travelcard prices by inflation and breaking his biggest promise he is turning his back on those who showed faith in him. Hundreds of thousands of commuting Londoners use Travelcards, and thus will never see this freeze.

We’ve already seen Sadiq Khan row back on six of his election pledges – this is added salt in the wound for those who believed in his manifesto. Sadiq Khan was asked about his fares freeze thousands of times during the Mayoral campaign. Not once did he mention that this freeze would not include Travelcards. People may well conclude that he was happy to say anything to get elected and now he’s Mayor he’s very happy to ignore any promise that is inconvenient, and if they do think that who can blame them?

Unrealistic homes target ‘will stifle building in London’

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New Deputy Mayor’s 50% affordable homes plan made Islington 9th worst London borough

London could be set to replicate the ninth worst London borough for affordable homes under the newly appointed Deputy Mayor for Housing.

James Murray wants to impose an overall 50 percent affordable housing target on new developments across the capital.

Under the same policy imposed by Mr Murray in his lead role on housing and development in Islington, the borough became the 9th worst in London for affordable homes and 11th worst for overall housing supply.

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