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Pop-up housing could cut cost of London’s rental market by a third

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New report shows high quality homes are quick and cost-effective to build

High quality pop-up homes could cut the price of renting in London by a third and provide fast, cost-effective building solutions across the capital, a new report shows.

Modern factory-assembled units, which can be customised to match the appearance of surrounding areas, cost half as much to build compared with standard techniques yet match and often exceed building standards and safety regulations.

A new report by Andrew Boff, ‘Pop-up Housing: A London Solution’, shows that modern pop-up homes, which are often indistinguishable from standard homes, can take just a third of the time to construct and are already providing housing solutions in Amsterdam and across other parts of the UK.

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Pop-up Housing

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Male rape charity handed £78,000 thanks to ground-breaking report

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Mayor pledges cash after campaign by London Assembly member Kemi Badenoch

Male rape charity Survivors UK is set to receive £78,000 from the Mayor of London thanks to a ground-breaking report from Conservative London Assembly member Kemi Badenoch.

Kemi’s Silent Suffering report, released in November, suggested 92,000 rapes and sexual assaults on men went unreported to the Metropolitan Police between 2010 and 2014.

As a result of her research and subsequent lobbying, the Mayor of London has agreed to grant Survivors UK an extra £78,000 over the next three years to encourage more victims to come forward.

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Calls for Met to limit sale of dangerous laser pens

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London Assembly member writing to Commissioner calling for tougher rules

Powerful laser pens that pose a danger to Heathrow pilots on take-off and landing should be banned from being sold to under-21s, says London Assembly member Tony Arbour.

Mr Arbour will be writing to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner asking for tougher rules governing the sale of the powerful devices, such as the one that forced a Virgin Atlantic flight bound for New York to turn around yesterday.

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Public bodies should devote 10% of surplus land to small builders

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Policy would speed up house building in London

Public bodies should devote at least 10 per cent of surplus land to small developers and self-builders to accelerate housing development in London, says London Assembly member Steve O’Connell.

The strategy would guarantee faster delivery of properties and help diversify London’s housing stock.

Steve O’Connell called on public bodies to adopt this principle at a recent London Assembly planning committee.

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Mayor reaffirms commitment to Sutton Tram Link

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Boris Johnson and the head of TfL confirmed they are continuing to seek a Sutton Tram Link in south London when they were quizzed by London Assembly member Steve O’Connell this morning.

The Mayor of London and Mike Brown, TfL’s commissioner, said negotiations were ongoing but that the extension is reliant on an investment commitment from Sutton Council.

Conservative London Assembly member for Sutton and Croydon, Steve O’Connell, said:

“Whilst I am pleased to hear the Mayor and Mike Brown of TfL renew their commitment to delivering a tram extension in Sutton, it remains a great frustration that things are not moving forward more quickly. The Sutton Tram Extension would provide a backbone for housing regeneration in the area, as well as attracting a great many more businesses to south London. I will be working hard at City Hall to bring the council, TfL and the Mayor of London together to ensure that this important project is delivered for Sutton residents.”

Met Police using social media to fight crime with 750,000 followers

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– Figures show officers and borough units have set up over 350 accounts

The Metropolitan Police Service is using more than 350 social media accounts to help fight crime across London, numbers revealed by Kemi Badenoch show.

Accounts set up by individual PCSOs, officers and local borough units have attracted more than 750,000 followers and are used to interact with communities and quickly spread information to the public.

The Mayor of London says the Met intends to grow its number of social media accounts over the coming months, as well as extending social media activity beyond neighbourhood policing.

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