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Sporting Chance

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1m disabled Londoners prevented from playing sport

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Just over 1 million (1.08m) disabled Londoners are discouraged from playing sport, according to a new report.

‘Sporting Chance’ has found that two-thirds of the Capital’s 1.5m disabled people cannot access sport, despite the Mayor of London’s £22.5m investment in sport.

Reasons include poor staff attitudes, health concerns acting as a barrier to participation, lack of appropriate supervision and difficulties accessing facilities.

The report recommends the following to increase sports participation among people with disabilities:

• Local councils should apply for funds from the Mayor’s existing £22.5m Sports Legacy Programme to train all staff and leisure centres in disability and inclusivity awareness
• Every leisure centre should have a member of staff, trained with an Exercise and Disability qualification, available at all times
• Fitness classes should be adaptable to those with accessibility needs

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84k fewer private rented homes thanks to rent controls

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Introducing rent controls will take money out of the private rental sector and lead to 84,228 fewer homes in England in the next ten years, according to new calculations by GLA Conservative Andrew Boff.

There were 4,200,000 privately rented homes in 2011, projected to rise to just over 7m by 2025. A 1.2% reduction would lead to 84,228 fewer homes by 2025.


In the Capital, rent caps will lead to 51,205 less homes over the next decade.

There were 860,000 private homes in 2011, expected to reach 1.4m by 2025. A 3.5% reduction would lead to 51,205 fewer homes in this period.

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Sir Howard’s fudged answers on night flights give Heathrow scope to ignore bits of the report they don’t like

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Sir Howard Davies’ report calls for a third runway at Heathrow to be mitigated by 13 measures such as banning night flights to a noise limit. Today, I asked him whether he’d still back the third runway if these conditions were not met. Unfortunately, he seemed to fudge his answers when it came to night flights, suggesting some measures are absolute requirements and others would be nice. This gives Heathrow ample scope to ignore the bits of the report they don’t like. A third runway would be a huge mistake for London. Sir Howard needs to come clean on which parts of his report are absolute requirements. I’d like a point-by-point explanation.

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