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Stalkers and spouse beaters should be added to sex offender list

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33% increase in domestic abusers in London over last 4 years
120,000 stalker/harassment victims each year need protection

Stalkers and domestic abusers should be added to the same database as sex offenders, according to GLA Conservative Andrew Boff. Andrew will ask the Mayor of London to take up the issue during Question Time at City Hall. There is a clear link between domestic violence and stalking.

Figures from the Paladin Service (National Stalking Advocacy Service) found that 50% of stalking victims were also victims of domestic violence nationally. Studies show that this particular type of stalker was also much more likely to be violent than any other category. In London 17,302 cases of domestic abuse were reported between 2010 and 2014, with equates to an increase of 33% in such crimes.

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Pay and dismay

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Should you get an Annual Travelcard or use Daily PAYG

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annual travelcard

Right-click ‘save-as’ this link to download this graphic

Depending on where you live, you could save up to £1,300 a year if you work part-time, remotely, or choose to walk or cycle for part of the working week. If you have any comments on this graphic or are interested in more graphics on fares send us a message at @assembly_tories or assembly.tories@gmail.com

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