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Green Light

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£40m cash back for drivers by turning off traffic lights in London

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Turning off traffic lights in London at night would slash vehicle emissions, wasted fuel, and journey delays – saving the Capital’s drivers millions of pounds every year.

A new report, “Green Light”, urges transport bosses and local authorities to assess road usage and traffic flow, and, where it is deemed safe, to turn off London’s traffic lights between midnight and 6am.¹

Switching off lights for the six-hour overnight period across 80 per cent of the Capital’s 2,532 relevant junctions would cut delays across the city by 2,251 hours every day – saving motorists £40m by 2020 in saved time and fuel.²

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London needs to tap into £94bn oil and gas industry to create 46k jobs

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London Oil Gas Industry weald basin
Local geographic area has 4.4bn barrels of shale oil, which could bring £93.7bn to London’s economy

London is on the doorstep of one of the country’s most promising new areas for oil and gas exploration.

There could be £93.7bn of oil within the Weald Basin,1 a geographic region directly south of London, spanning from Kent to Dorset, according to new estimates from GLA Conservative Tony Arbour.

The oil and shale gas industry has the potential to create jobs not only where the wells are located, such as a recent well found in Horse Hill Surrey worth £2 billion, but within Greater London as the industry requires a great deal of support.

Estimates show over 46,000 jobs – such as lorry drivers, geologists and hydraulic technicians – could be sustained throughout the next three decades.2

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Court system failures see hundreds of criminals dodging justice every day

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· 73,143 criminal prosecutions thrown out in the last year alone, working out at 200 every day, costing the taxpayer £13.1m
· Reasons include missing exhibits, police files and witnesses
· “Common sense measures will bring crooks to justice: Tell victims time and place of trial, show barristers case papers in advance”

Tens of thousands of criminals are dodging justice every year because of faults within the courts system, according to new FOI figures.

Out of 738,064 total prosecutions across the UK in 2013, 73,143 have been dropped*, working out to 200 every day.1

Thrown out prosecutions cost the taxpayer £13.1m a year.2

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