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Gap in the market

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New ‘disused site’ action plan could deliver 10k London homes in 10 years

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  · New research identifies 4,552 disused sites and spaces in just 13 London boroughs
  · Self-building pilot on 100 sites will help young professionals and first time buyers

4,552 redundant spaces and sites in blocks and estates – such as old laundries, garages and store sheds – have been identified across just 13 boroughs of London.¹

A new report, “Gap In The Market”, sets out a large scale ‘disused site’ action plan – across all housing estates in every borough – which could deliver 10k homes in 10 years.²

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London’s top bosses paid double compared to New York City

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“London top official salaries should be comparable to New York”, as Transport Commissioner takes home £350k a year

Top London public sector managers are paid double compared to their New York counterparts, according to research carried out by GLA Conservative London Assembly Member, Andrew Boff.

London’s Transport Commissioner is paid almost £350k a year, compared to £120k for this equivalent in NYC.

Andrew Boff is urging for a comparative study to be conducted to help set pay rates for senior managers of the GLA Group.

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30k criminals let off with cautions including robbers, drug traffickers and arsonists

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· Hundreds of crooks avoid court on multiple occasions
· ‘Written explanation of decisions will answer to victims’

London: 29,560 cautions were handed out to criminals by the Met, the UK’s biggest police force, in 2013/14¹.

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Drunk fines fall by a third despite hospital admissions rising

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Tony Arbour
“Random police visits to A&Es on trouble nights targeting repeat drunks with fines”

London: The number of fines handed out to London’s drunks are drastically falling, despite hospital admissions rising year on year.

The new figures come as part of the next phase of GLA Conservative Tony Arbour’s campaign* to cut the cost of binge drinking.

New FOI figures for the Capital show:
· Drunk fines dropping by a third between 2005 and 2013 (3,005 penalties handed out in 2005 compared to 2,063 fines in 2013)¹
· Hospital admissions nearly doubling (74,457 in 2004/5² compared to 132,310 in 2012/13³)

Drunk people who repeatedly abuse A&E services are costing £52m every year.4

GLA Conservative Tony Arbour is urging police to visit A&Es randomly on trouble nights and target repeat drunks with fines.

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Walkouts in London number almost one a week – the Government needs to get tougher

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The Government needs to get tougher with union barons, especially with public transport strikes. The UK may be bracing itself for a day of mass walkout, but there have already been 20 days of Tube strikes in London this year, the equivalent of almost a day a week. It’s barmy that power control room staff on the Underground are currently in the middle of a two week strike, despite earning £54k basic salary plus generous perks. Private sector workers such as cabbies, office secretaries or cleaners – on half the wage – wouldn’t be able to get away with it. The Mayor needs to lobby for New York style, judge led, mediation, which would protect workers’ rights and stop commuters and businesses from being hit by chaos and loss of pay.

You can sign my Government e-Petition on protecting workers by reforming public transport strike laws here.

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One person hospitalised by London’s buses every day

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London: 86 people have been hospitalised by bus collisions in just three months, working out to one hospitalisation a day.¹

Bosses at Transport for London have released the figures in response to specific recommendations in the report ‘Clear Road Ahead: Bus collisions and the need for transparency’

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