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Safe Houses and Citizen Patrols could slash youth violence and anti-social behaviour

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·  London: 22,236 cases of youth violence and 71,042 reports of anti-social behaviour – in two years
·  Youth Violence: Security-checked Londoners could deter muggers, bullies and child abusers by turning their homes into Canadian style “Safe Houses”
·  Anti-Social Behaviour: Citizen street patrols could help deter street drinking, drugs and vehicle nuisance

There were 22,236 reported cases of youth violence in London between April 2011 and March 2013. 11-14 year olds were victims in over a third (8,213) of these crimes.

A new report, “Home Safe Home”, proposes setting up a pilot of Canadian-style “Safe Houses” in five small communities across the Capital. Under the scheme, local people, who have been security checked and interviewed, could open up their homes to children and older people if they are in trouble.
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