Flexible ticketing for part-time commuters from January 2015

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Roger Evans

London’s part-time commuters will be able to buy flexible travel tickets from January 2015.

The Mayor will now instruct TfL to work up detailed plans and costings for the proposal. This is directly in response to a recent report published by Conservative London Assembly Member Roger Evans.

Home Works” urges TfL to introduce part-time Travelcards and annual rebates for those who underuse their full-time tickets.

Roger Evans:

“The introduction of flexible ticketing from January 2015 will put cash back into the pockets of millions of part-time workers across London. I’ll now be working hard over the rest of this year to ensure that my specific recommendations of a part-time Travelcard and a system of annual rebates for underused full-time Travelcards will be delivered. It will mean that people working three days a week will no longer have to pay for a full week’s travel. This is real progress. The introduction of flexible ticketing will help to make part-time work pay, encourage full-time workers to work remotely for a day or two a week and reduce demand on London’s overcrowded public transport. After persistent campaigning on this issue, I’m grateful to the Mayor for this funding.”

The Mayor has committed to funding flexible ticketing in today’s Greater London Authority budget meeting at City Hall.

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