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Almost 200 court cases in London dropped or delayed every week because of prosecution failings

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  • 9,560 cases thrown out or delayed in London due to failings by prosecution or court system
  • Dropped and delayed cases estimated to cost taxpayer £17.4M nationally


23K (23,237) cases in London’s Crown and Magistrates courts were dropped or delayed in 2012.

Failings by the prosecution and court system were to blame for four in ten (9,560) thrown out or delayed cases in the Capital, working out at 184 every week.

London was the worst performing region when it came to cases being delayed (16% of cases at Crown Courts and 20% at Magistrates Court level classed as ‘ineffective’).

New report ‘Justice Postponed: Reducing the vast number of dropped trials’ shows cases failed because of prosecution not being ready, the absence of prosecution witnesses and advocates, or court administration failings:
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Justice Postponed

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