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Letter sent on behalf of Andrew Boff AM: The new Fire Plan for Barnet

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In a previous post on this website I referred to London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore’s position on the issue of fire station closures. I wrongly stated that Mr Dismore had opposed proposals that would have led to better attendance times for his residents . I now accept that not to be the case. Mr Dismore supported those elements of the draft fire plan which would have improved attendance times in Barnet and opposed those elements of the plan which would have led to worse attendance times in Camden. I wish to apologise unreservedly to Mr Dismore for any embarrassment caused.

Andrew Boff
London Wide Assembly Member
Leader – GLA Conservatives

Victoria Borwick calls for greater community involvement in local policing

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At today’s Police and Crime Plenary, Deputy Mayor Victoria Borwick will ask the Mayor to introduce a Met Smartphone app for the ‘Met Police Beat’ which allows you to follow and communicate with your Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT).

Commenting Victoria Borwick said,

“The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police says we need to improve technology to engage with Londoners. This app could prove to be a ground-breaking way to re-connect communities with their local police.

“Surrey police have a Smartphone App which allows the public to connect with their local SNTs. It makes the police far more accessible as it provides residents with local crime information. It also gives local people the opportunity to have a say over local priorities and be actively involved.

“Most SNT police are very hard-working and this App will ensure we know what police are doing each day and allow the public to help fight crime through information sharing”.

James Cleverly says the Metropolitan Police need New York style Predictive Crime Mapping

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At the Police and Crime Plenary, Assembly Member James Cleverly will call on Boris Johnson to radically improve the Met’s intelligence system and introduce predictive crime mapping* in London.

Commenting, James Cleverly AM said,

“Money needs to be targeted at systems that can achieve more for less. Predictive crime mapping is a computer programme which allows police to turn up at an event and prevent a crime before it even happens. It’s welcomed by civil liberties groups as a successful, non-intrusive form of intelligence. And it will mean that we are one step ahead of criminals.

“There is a lot of evidence from the USA that, where predictive crime mapping has been used, crime can be significantly cut. These kinds of results cannot be ignored; so I am calling on the Mayor to test out this system in London.”

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Andrew Boff asks Mayor why £500k was wasted on an alleged increase in trafficking which never took place during Olympics

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Andrew Boff, London Assembly Member will ask the Mayor why the Metropolitan Police was given half a million pounds in response to a misguided view that sex trafficking would increase during the Olympics.

Andrew Boff speaking before the London Assembly Policing Plenary said,

“Before the 2012 Games there was a great deal of hype around the idea that the Olympics would open the flood gates to sex trafficked women. Yet there was no evidence to support these claims. And now I have data that confirms that these fears were misplaced and there was no increase in prostitution or human trafficking*.

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Roger Evans challenges Met Police over waste

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Roger Evans
At the Police and Crime Plenary, the GLA Conservative Group will challenge the Mayor and Met Commissioner to tackle inefficiencies and waste in the Met.

Commenting, Roger Evans, the London Conservatives Police Spokesperson said,

“In spite of significant savings made each year there are still opportunities to make savings in the Met.

“I’m delighted that the number of police officers will increase under the new plans, but we need to tackle the inefficiencies that still waste officers’ time. Custody can be very slow, with officers waiting up to two hours to book prisoners in. They also spend time completing too many forms which could be replaced with barcode scanners and new technology.

“Less time wasted means more time patrolling the streets, catching criminals and making London safer.”

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